Unfortunately, A Blog

This is unfortunately, a blog. Blogs are boring and go mostly unread when it comes to folks like me, an author in his early stages, querying a couple books and dreaming much more than he should. But what are we to do–we early authors chasing dreams? Not blog at all and keep hidden behind our […]

If You’re Reading This…

I will now ramble on about entirely unrelated things because I’d prefer if the punchline, the subject of this post kept hidden somewhere behind what little blurb is teased, because I know the blurb will be there, and I want you to click this post because what’s the purpose of blogging when no one reads […]

Regardless #8

The morning: both the best and worst time of the day. On the positive side, coffee, a good meal, silence, but on the negative side: the beginning of another day, certainly abundant with the same things that came with the day before that and many before even that. A chill jolted up Mal’s legs through […]

Regardless #7

A duck isn’t a swan, nor is it a goose. Therefore a duck isn’t beautiful, nor does it land on your roof at night and honk and hork until you seriously consider hanging yourself. Ducks, are. They simply are. They are somewhere in the middle, and they seem perfectly fine with that. Hence, Malcolm, who […]

Regardless #6

There was always a man on the corner of 11th and Dawning. He’d panhandle, and Malcolm figured the man to be a professional at doing so. The man was short–maybe five feet from the ground–and had a thick beard very short and very black in colour. As for what was on the man’s head, Malcolm […]

Regardless #5

Malcolm came from The City. The City, was a planet; an entire planet. The name given to it by whomever names planets is long forgotten and never to be recovered unless that person writes a book of sorts outlining the history of this complicated existence. There were two parts to The City: East and West. […]

Regardless #4

Malcolm returned to his desk that was wildly plain. Not a picture frame garnished its top, not a paperclip bound the loose and disorganized papers strewn recklessly. “Terrence,” Malcolm said to the man in the cubicle next to his. “I’m taking lunch. Pass that on if Ben comes sniffing around.” Terrence flicked his hand in […]

Regardless #3

Malcolm’s boss, simply put, was an asshole–a real stinker. Ben, was name his name, and he was bald, overweight, and wore tight stone-washed blue jeans, which in these parts of his world were ten years out of fashion and only popular among folk twenty more years younger. Therefore, as one can see, Ben was an […]

Regardless #2

It began three years ago, before Malcolm acquired billionaire status. Back when he was just a young buck working a muck of a job answering telephones for that small start-up in The City—the heart of The City, of course being Eriksdale. North Eriksdale, to be specific. The half of Eriksdale a spot chiller than the […]