In life we are presented with moments; many, many moments. Good moments, bad moments, moments of fear, anxiety, hate, love, embarrassment, lust, confusion, anxiety. One can argue that by seizing any moment there are nearly an infinite amount of possibilities and series' of events which can follow said moment. But in my opinion, there are... Continue Reading →

TEKW Book One, Chapter One

Tarnstead was a quaint little town in Escala. Escala was a vast country of rolling hills remaining near-entirely treeless and naked for the most part. Today, the sixty-third of Aleil in the year of 1410 of the fourth age—two brothers and a wagon full of fish (not-so)fresh from The Breaking River creakily made their way... Continue Reading →

Middle of Earth: Shadow of War

I bought this game (Gold Edition) today, and I've gamed it since 9am   I thoroughly loved Shadow of Mordor. That game was the first Platinum Trophy I've ever received on PSN.  The original game sucked me in so quick (being a huge LOTR fan, it was easy) but I do have to admit I... Continue Reading →

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