Twenty Books by Christmas Challenge

I’m a ridiculously avid reader. I love reading. I don’t mind writing.

Jokes. I love writing just as much if anything even more-so than reading.

Last year whilst in the middle of an insane personal development kick, I polished off sixty yes sixty personal and professional development books. What ones? Let us save that rant for another post. Not a bad idea eh?

We’ll get deeper into my goals with writing, and my aspirations to be a writer of books, and screenplays so in this post I simply want to touch on how I plan to read twenty books. Books of no particular genre or style; wouldn’t really mind touching on a few different genres to be honest. Three times a year the Children’s Hospital hosts a book sale where a book listed at $29.99 might be $1-$5. I took home a good haul. I will post some pictures when I’m around them because at this moment I am playing the lazy card; I’m laying in bed and the books lay down stairs.

But yes, I will read twenty books and will post a recap on what I’ve read/how I liked it.

Simple post. Nothing fancy!




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