For the folks who read my previous post which can be found here you may have wondered how I plan to achieve that goal while working full-time, and with the hundreds of distractions we all face on a daily basis…I wonder if anyone liked my last Instagram post?

Back to the point I’d like to do exactly what I have mentioned in the title of this post. I want to say good-bye to TV for books. I’m doing that not as a cleanse from the television; as I don’t necessarily believe that the television has the negative effects mentioned by researchers, and media outlets. Personally, I feel that it matters not how often you watch TV, but DOES in fact matter what you watch on TV versus what you do day-to-day in life.

Elaboration? Absolutely.

Unless you are a reporter, or a journalist, I wholeheartedly feel that you should NOT watch the news. Yeah, yeah, yeah what about being a good old-fashioned informed citizen of the world? Let me tell you something; you could 9 out of 10 times whether in your place of work, or simply catching up with friends find out everything going on in the world. And chances are rather high that you wouldn’t even have to ask. What do you get from that?

  1. You save the time of watching the news
  2. You save yourself from the stress, and anxiety of news
  3. You have nothing hanging over your head for the day. This lets you focus on things much more important.

Live in the world, but do not be of the world.

That’s why I firmly believe you should not pay too much attention to the news. I’ll write a post in regards to news and post it this week. I still need to put together a blogging schedule; at least a rough one so I can keep myself on track with keeping it updated, and new.

With that said and as we now climb out of this small rabbit hole I’ve dug us into, I shall now explain what this post is all about, what I plan to achieve, and why I’m doing it.

What’s this post about?

Simple. I want to step out of the realm of television for this Twenty Books by Christmas Challenge. It will be much easier to focus because at times I do find myself guilty of getting caught up in HBO On Demand, and select series on Netflix and Amazon Prime (American Gods is fucking awesome)

What I plan to achieve

I fully expect to be able to finish and write a report on twenty books well before Christmas. What I also anticipate (and most importantly) is that I’m certain that my writing will improve, as well as my creativity. Might also be able to shed a little beer belly in time for Halloween candy 😛

Why I’m doing this

Remember when I wrote about how news and the media can be pretty fucking bad for you? Well, I have to admit that I’m one of those guys who tends to get caught up in corruption, scandals, and mass murders #prayforvegas. I’m goddamn sick of hearing only bad news and seeing the media dance around good news like it’s a disease. Although, I guess to them…..it is.


Alright! Lets wrap this puppy up. When will I start? I want to finish American Gods on Amazon Prime first…hahaha.

I will start to TV-less book-binge starting on Thursday the fifth.

Follow my blog, and give me a follow on Twitter & Instagram. Comment on something or DM me or tweet me; whatever floats your boat. Just let me know that you’re following! I promise this will be an interesting little experiment.


My next post will be covering the twenty books I plan to read before Christmas!


If anyone has any tips on blogging, and writing on the internet in general; please do not hesitate to either comment below, or email me at luke.dondo@gmail.com and give me some pointers and or feedback. I’m new to blogging, and have for the last five years of my life placed all of my “blogging” into orange Moleskine journals, and writing a plethora of short stories. All has been kept 110% private. Trying to come out of my shell a little bit. 

Thanks in advance. I appreciate it.




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