The First Five (Out of Twenty Books by Christmas)

I’ll admit that I’m already reading two of these books these days. I am only 120-ish pages into “It”,  and am halfway through “The Slow Regard of Silent Things”.

  • Name of The Wind (Patrick Rothfuss)
  • The Wise Man’s Fear (Patrick Rothfuss)
  • Slow Regard of Silent Things (Patrick Rothfuss)
  • It (Stephen King)
  • American Gods (Neil Gaiman)

As for Name of the Wind, and The Wise Man’s Fear; both I’m already finished reading. I’ll soon be posting my thoughts on both of those stories (Both of which equal 2/3 of the Kingkiller Chronicle).  And be prepared, I am a HUGE fan of these books and cannot wait for the release of the third and final book “Doors of Stone”.

How did I read those two so quick? I just binge read them, Netflix-style. Again, follow-up on each coming soon.

It thus far is great. Exactly what you’d expect from King. The book contains around 1200 pages, so I’m likely going to journal about it (on here) as I progress through. Do note that I’m having a rather tough time putting it’s kind of like a Lay’s Ketchup Chip. Or a beer…img_1642

American Gods sits on one of my bookshelves, and is seemingly calling at me to read it as if it’s a goddamn siren. Starz and Amazon Prime Video did an absolute-incredible job on the TV series. One can only imagine how amazing the book will be. I highly, highly recommend checking that series out. It fills the Game of Thrones void that some of us are still feeling.

Simple post. Still trying to get my bearings and working into posting regularly. How many days do they say it takes to form a habit?

Talk soon

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