Middle of Earth: Shadow of War

I bought this game (Gold Edition) today, and I’ve gamed it since 9am


I thoroughly loved Shadow of Mordor. That game was the first Platinum Trophy I’ve ever received on PSN.  The original game sucked me in so quick (being a huge LOTR fan, it was easy) but I do have to admit I was skeptical of it, at first: I’m unsure why. Maybe it was because it was Talion ( the main character) doesn’t exist in Tolkien’s world and the story is a little bit more than somewhat stretched. But the main point is without a doubt that I got over it once I began controlling Talion

Playing Shadow of War & Shadow of Mordor makes you feel like a fucking badass.

Even though you are literally sitting behind a screen with a controller, I promise you that when you play this game you will want to buy a sword, you’ll want your friends to buy swords, and you & friends will have a hankering to do battle in your local park or even the backyard.

Shadow of War takes this feeling to a whole new level.

For those who are not familiar with the game, I’ll sum things up for you in under five sentences. Starting after this one. You play the main character Talion, a ranger of Gondor who was murder whilst patrolling the black gate alongside his family. He is banished from death and spiritually connected with Celebrimor; a wraith who happens to be THE elf who helped Sauron forge the one ring. The story follows Talion through Mordor who tries to achieve vengeance for his family and to save the Gondorions in Mordor. But who follows the story? I just wind up killing orcs and wreaking total havoc.

If you’re not a LOTR fan, none of that will make sense AT ALL. I hope you are a LOTR fan because I have full intentions of writing more.

Through the journey, you have in Mordor with Talion you make enemies. Making enemies in ways you have very likely never experienced in any video game before. In this game, it feels incredibly real and you will find yourself actually thoroughly hating some of these enemies. One orc I had the beef with, was named Vourg the Diseased. I killed him two times, but he got resurrected twice. I know what you’re thinking, “Why would that make you mad, man?”  It made me so angry and fired me up so much because he ambushed me three times. These orcs throw ambushes and set traps. So much so that you find yourself feeling paranoid.

They even talk shit

If you’re in the market for a good video game these days, this is without a doubt the one I’d suggest over all others on the market today.

Do it!

Expect a review once I log some more hours.

Talk soon

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