The Name of The Wind (Patrick Rothfuss)

A book that I will one day read to my children!

If you’re a fan of fantasy and magical things, this is the book for you. I’m not going to write a full-blown review for this because I don’t like reviewing things; most notably books. I think in a sense that it’s not my business to critique the creative works of another person. The opinions of books and things, in general, are completely relative and one will like one thing more or less than another might. I’ll tend to stay away from reviews and stick to recommendations based on tastes.


The Name of the Wind follows the story of a young man named, Kvothe (picture below). He is, in my opinion, a character as great as those created by great authors such as Tolkien or J.K Rowling.

Kvothe (pronounced like “Quothe“) is a trouper from a troupe known throughout Patrick Rothfuss’s world as The Edema Ruh. He is highly skilled in all things performance and is quite a remarkable lute player.


Throughout the Name of the Wind, the development of our main character is nothing shy of excellent. Rothfuss takes us on a whirlwind adventure told by the former trouper himself (which makes for two storylines to follow) and for the most part of the book, you will find yourself feeling unbelievably cozy reading the easy, smooth flowing words of Rothfuss.

Pictures are painted SO damn clear in this story that you will swear you’re seeing it with your own eyes.

The Name of the Wind is a book I will recommend to any fantasy lover out there.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, I strongly feel that this will fill your need for that magical feeling Rowling instilled in us.

You should definitely pick up a copy of The Name of the Wind.

“The Name of the Wind” is BOOK ONE of THREE. The second of which is “The Wise Man’s Fear”. The third book (yet to be released) is “The Doors of Stone”


Talk soon,


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