My Effective Writing Routine

My Effective Writing Routine


I’ve always been an early bird. From as early as I can remember (being roughly seven or so) I remember beating my parents awake every single morning. Most vividly, I recall walking out of my small bedroom in our little family home and roaming into the living room to find my dad fast asleep on the couch and waking up to urge me back to sleep.

It never worked.

I’d wind up being walked peacefully to my bedroom where I’d either lay in the dark staring at the ceiling appeasing my father’s wish, or I’d flick on my night light and read a book.

Now, with this post being not so much about my former and very much current lack of love for sleep and more so about what it says in the title–The Most Effective Writing Routine–let me get to the point.

Writing is not about how long you write, but how focused you are when you do so.

Those are my own words, not a rip off from some well-known guy or gal.

So, with that said, allow me to fill you in with my writing routine. From there, this post will become much more helpful to, you.

At 3:00 AM, my alarm goes off

I read until 4:00am

At 4:00 AM, I write with complete focus for an hour

5:00 AM, I read

No later than 6:00 AM, I write for another hour

By 7:00 AM, I’ve completed more work than I used to finish in a full week

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that I’m reading for an hour and then writing for an hour, repeating until 7:00. Life is simple. Things are also easier when they are simple…obviously.

Before falling into this routine, I’d followed the good old fashioned, I’m not going to stop writing until I write 5000 words, mentality. And what happened there, was that I’d spend one-quarter the time writing when compared to four times as much scrolling through Facebook or Instagram mentally exhausted through it all because all you tend to see on social media are people who are (not so) much better than you. After making the shift to a new routine, I found that with total focus before 7:00 AM on not only writing but the entire artform of writing, my daily word count grew to over 5000 words a day.

The books I read acted as fuel for the fire in my passion and drive to completing a meaningful piece of work. The books I read and still do read inspired and kept me dreaming like the dreamer I am. By erasing all distractions while I’m writing, I get lost in the story. The process of transferring thought to paper becomes as natural as breathing itself. My characters make up their own minds without my influence. A beautiful thing, focus is.

Now, my advice to you:

I’m far from a successful author–I’ve not even self-published a book. I have 907 followers for this blog and a small email list. My book is being revised for the third time, and I have three other projects sitting dormant, patiently awaiting my current one to get my personal stamp of approval. But what I can tell you is that I know results.

Learn how to focus. Fall in love with writers and writing.  Fall in love with the process of opening a book with a cup of coffee not two feet away, and smelling the fresh paper. Long for the feeling of a pen scraping over the pages of a blank canvas for your art. Dream of writing the last word in that story you’ve been working on and closing that door.

There are infinite things that you can create. Learn how to focus, and watch your life overflow with beauty as you create magic on a daily basis.


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