Regardless #1

Malcolm sat across from the hatted fellow with a wiry beard, scratchy in appearance and a touch smelly. Mal was rather uncomfortable.

“So, it’s because of the goblins why you’re here in prison.”

“No, no, not necessarily—”

“So, then it is the dragon?”

“Not in the slightest.”

“Then what will it be, Malcolm, the dwarves or the rustlings? Don’t you dare tell me Ninelyn had a hand in this.”

“Neither, Mister Ak—” Malcolm stopped, entirely unsure of the proper pronunciation of the man’s surname. “Mister Adi, you see, it’s because of me why we all wound up in this prison. Is there not anything can do do about it?”

Adeolu laughed. “Absolutely not.” He then stood and left, laughing boisterously as he walked away.

What’s this, you ask?

Regardless, is a story. It is an original story that is…a bit of an experiment as much as it is a story that I want to write.

This story is set in a world/universe I’ve created and have written a full book in. It’s characters made brief appearances and tickled my imagination enough to ask a little bit more about them. So, being the whore I am for creating and writing stories, I’ve elected to improvise a story about them, essentially letting free a cast of characters I barely know in a world that I know extremely, extremely well. I intend to post very often, in the evening.


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