Regardless: An Overview

Would have made sense if I’d have written this over a year ago before I started Regardless. But, I’m aware that as a human who is myself, I barely make sense, so this…makes sense, in a way?

Regardless, is a story. And unlike good stories, this story isn’t thought out as thoroughly as many others, and I’m fine with that. In a way, Regardless, is an experiment. It’s both an experiment and a story I’m passionate about and will strive to finish, eventually, although I have no end in sight or even in mind. It’s an experiment because I’d love to see what can happen if what I write without thinking things through, and allowing my characters to just run free throughout a world that I’ve created in great detail behind the scenes, in another story. And that’s…exciting to me. Probably because I’m a touch nerdish when it comes to fucking things around facing no consequences.

On the characters…

Malcolm, and Ebern. Those are the two characters I have started with, and only two characters who I’ve kind of planned prior to writing my first word. Ebern and Malcolm are both from my story The World a World Away. They are hardly supporting characters, but to me were too interesting to be left to the chasm of existing in the background for their infinite ficticious existence. 

Aside from that pair, man and dwarf, all other characters will appear (and have appeared) by just…thought–whatever comes to mind, whenever it does come to mind, if at all.

On the setting…

I could get away with writing a full post on this, and I will. But, if you’re of the reasonable type and would prefer to read a tad on the setting now, fear not, for here she blows:

The City. The City, is not just a city, but a planet. A very developed planet with customs similar to what we (humans) are familiar with. Houses, apartments, debts, groceries, bills, drugs, jobs, getting fired, blah blah blah. The City is a densely populated planet lacking wildnerness. Humans have expanded to all nooks and crannies of the planet, leaving little countryside or mountain ranges untouched. Even on the oceans, large floating towns float about. The City, is a busy place and not friendly to folks desiring privacy. And it’s in the heart of it where the majority of Regardless, takes place. And conveniently, from the heart it is simple to travel to any corner of this interesting world.

In Closing

I think that’s it. Even this post was materialized through thought on the outskirts of my mind. I guess on the outskirts of my mind sit cool things and concepts which can be explored and elaborated. 

It’s a good thing, that Regardless, shall be just that…

To good times,


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