Regardless #5

Malcolm came from The City. The City, was a planet; an entire planet. The name given to it by whomever names planets is long forgotten and never to be recovered unless that person writes a book of sorts outlining the history of this complicated existence.

There were two parts to The City: East and West. North and south had no gravity aside from one half being up and the other, down. The East was very much established whereas The West was nothing special at all in the eyes of The East, because it was in The East where things were made, and where order was enforced. Work a job, find a betrothed, die, eventually. Yes, one could make an excellent living out East, but that obviously came with the requirement to work for what you wanted. If one would rather not work, or possess a desire to build something for themselves, they’d wind up on the west half of things to prove themselves worthy of The East. It was complex–unreasonably so.

The West, on the other hand, was relaxed. It was the informal half, where a man could go about his day donning a pair of grey sweat pants and a loose hoodie. It was the informal half where a woman could get away with the same. In other words, it was where Malcolm wanted to be all along, given that he was born in The East and completely loathed each passing minute. Malcolm loathed going to school all those years back. Malcolm loathed having to wear black and whites on a daily basis until he graduated school and into clothes assigned to him for work. It was all uniforms, and Malcolm hated uniforms. He hated uniformity and…doing things. Therefore, he wound up in The West, following an outburst in a professional setting. It was actually pretty hilarious–

Malcolm came to, his head plucked from the depths of aimless thought by whatever did the plucking. He was still on the streets, walking to his spot by the river. “I hate doing things…” to himself, he muttered. He smiled. He stopped walking and leaned against the grey concrete building to his left. A few folks passed him and paid no mind. His smile turned to a bit of a frown.

Then why am I doing anything?

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