If You’re Reading This…

I will now ramble on about entirely unrelated things because I’d prefer if the punchline, the subject of this post kept hidden somewhere behind what little blurb is teased, because I know the blurb will be there, and I want you to click this post because what’s the purpose of blogging when no one reads your internet-blitherings? Self-indulgence? Probably, but if I’m to indulge on anything, no offence to myself, I’d rather indulge on a Double Cheeseburger slathered in chili, and a poutine, and six pints of Guinness to wash it all down.

Figure I’m good to go, therefore, if you’re reading this…

holy shit, you’re reading this? Thanks. Your click is encouraging, probably a little flattering. I hope you enjoy yourself here; you’ll find an ineptly-written serial novel I’ve been neglecting for probably around two years because the vortex that is trying to get published is a vortex all right, and rarely do I come out of my morning writing hours with energy beyond the energy I need for my day job and a toddler to update a fucking blog. Not even gonna lie, I hate blogging, though here I am, doing just that. See my previous post, Unfortunately, A Blog.

Still not published. I guess that’s to be expected, as the publishing world is a wide one and there exist millions of authors and try-hards who I may or may not be of–I’ve yet to determine what constitutes a try-hard versus a proper writer. I admit I try hard–I mean, I write every morning for three hours for fucksakes and actively try to improve. But what is a try-hard versus just trying hard? Look: content! Sick. Looks like I just discovered a post-to-come.

You’re reading this, that’s cool. I hope you click through my sparse portfolio of pubbed work on this blog, and it would be great if you so much as carefully tittered under your breath at something I’ve wrote. I hope you do that, and I hope you’re not discouraged when you find out that this post is now done, and yes, I can see for myself that this post was so useless–nothing came from it whatsoever; it was so utterly pointless that you could consider it dull. I’m all right with your opinion because the truth is, truly, that I never had a clue where I was going with this post from the second I fuckin’ started!



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