So I’m Sittin’ Here…

So I’m sitting’ here all beerly and such, glad I took the day to take the day to sit with my daughter–we threw bunched socks across the living room into a laundry basket, a real banger, I say. We had spaghetti for lunch and ate a lot of it–all of it, really. It’s heaven, being with my daughter. I’d do it every day if the world weren’t so complex.

I’m reviewing a manuscript I’ve been querying, see? I wonder if it will get beyond the query letter. I hope it does, it deserves it; it’s worthy. I know it’s the query that gets me every god damn time. For some reason I like writing queries, though–can’t really tell you why.


But here I am all beerly and such, sitting, thinking of supper (I have to make that very soon), and hoping that folks enjoy the query and the sample pages I sent them. I like what I wrote, but I have a feeling I’m not supposed to.

And so I’ll sit here all beerly and such,



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