I am wholeheartedly, a storyteller. With that said, get ready for a story!

Over the last couple of years, I had lost myself in the mix of wanting to “grow up” and adult, so-to-speak. For any of that to make sense you will have to know where I came from.

I come from a background that at every turn of the page gave me either a story or a lesson. For that, I am both lucky and thankful. On almost a nightly basis my mom or dad would read a story to me before falling asleep and oftentimes I would fall asleep while doing so.

When I was in grade three my dad introduced me to The Lord of the Rings, and The Chronicles of Narnia. Needless to say that I fell in love with reading immediately and the love of writing soon followed. So much so I and an old friend (in grade four and five) spent two full years planning a conquest of middle earth (100% true story). In that time I also wrote a series of three short stories called The Adventures of Luke Dondo which was a hilariously inappropriate work of art written by a 12-year-old me about the students of my elementary school overthrowing the teachers. The words of those stories have only kissed my eyes and a few others, and to this day lay hidden somewhere in my mother’s basement.

The magic that was infused with me through those years was magnificent and it flows through me today stronger than ever. It was sheltered away over the last couple years because I was trying to grow up.

When I “grew up” for that short amount of time, I realized that growing up was nonsense.

So here we are, today.


L.A. Dondo