A Story

Let me tell you a story, or something along those lines…

A man was once lost,

before he was found. But before he was lost, he was even more lost than he was before he was lost technically the second time. It would be fitting to say that when he was found before being lost again, he was in a position most unique to himself, being out walking late nights the countryside, ocean shores, and mountain ranges, in search of something more.

What is more? The man would ask himself, gazing at colourful constellations above, glimmering, shimmering as bright as a flawless diamond. It was a funny situation, giving that as he took in the marvel of the world around him, it slowly occurred to him that this beauty was paramount–that it was everything. There could be nothing more than what lay in front of him.

But was he right? Obviously not. Little did The Man know that he was lost. Lost in the fold, somewhere between what was and what could have been; blind to that which could be. Until one day, He was found.

Through the darkness, The Man encountered light, and the light lit his way. He followed a winding path through the dark woods which hid the sky above, and focused ahead, to what lay at the end–whatever that was. But what was found, was a void. A void lacking colour, sound, and life. A void which devoured and never gave back…

and he was lost. Again. Terrible, really. Lost at a cross roads between heaven and hell, either with appealing realities abundant with freedom and worldly pleasures. Behind him lay the straight path, narrow and with a predictable end, or the infinite void, borderless. Heaven or Hell.

The man chose Heaven,

and with Heaven came an Angel with eyes crystal blue, reminding him of the colourful stars he’d see in the sky when lost, their beauty inexplicable, and infinite. And with the departure of Hell, left the darkness, and it’s countless pleasures. And The Man, was all right with that. He had all he needed on that mortal plain with a predictable ending.

To this day, The Man roams many worlds at the side of Heaven and her Angel, the trio seeing beautiful worlds, always pausing to enjoy the universe around them.

L.A. Dondo

So here we are, today…Heaven, An Angel, The Man

L.A. Dondo, 2019