Regardless (Ep. 102)

A handful of adults ranging through early adulthood and up through their mid-twenties and into the shallows of their thirties stood hovered atop a coffee pot. The coffee pot, see, was not cooperating. Malcolm said, “I can run to 7/11.” And then Malcolm received five certain “Nos”, his focus then returning to the recently produced […]

Regardless (Ep. 101)

The truth was…well, nobody really knew, but everybody had their fair share of assumptions. This, as Malcolm told me, was why the world was as crazy as it was.

So I’m Sittin’ Here…

So I’m sitting’ here all beerly and such, glad I took the day to take the day to sit with my daughter–we threw bunched socks across the living room into a laundry basket, a real banger, I say. We had spaghetti for lunch and ate a lot of it–all of it, really. It’s heaven, being […]

If You’re Reading This…

I will now ramble on about entirely unrelated things because I’d prefer if the punchline, the subject of this post kept hidden somewhere behind what little blurb is teased, because I know the blurb will be there, and I want you to click this post because what’s the purpose of blogging when no one reads […]