Just a writer.

L.A. Dondo grew up in a cold place with nothing else to do between the day following Halloween and the middle of April than to spend time with his imagination until the snow melted. When the snow did melt, he enjoyed staying inside imagining things much more than spending time outside.

After falling in love with all things Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, L.A. Dondo began writing for himself. The Adventures of Luke Dondo was the first story he wrote, a tale about he and his middle school pals planning an uprising against the teachers of his school in hopes of overthrowing them to never attend school again. This was an extremely vulgar tale, not meant for children, but hilarious and endlessly fun. Curious, considering he wrote this when he was a child.

Bullshit aside, I’m a fella who loves writing and telling stories. I got a thing for books, too. I have a wonderful wife and a daughter who’s my favourite person in the world. Sometimes I think I don’t deserve them. They’re my everything.