Unfortunately, A Blog

This is unfortunately, a blog. Blogs are boring and go mostly unread when it comes to folks like me, an author in his early stages, querying a couple books and dreaming much more than he should. But what are we to do–we early authors chasing dreams? Not blog at all and keep hidden behind our […]

Regardless #6

There was always a man on the corner of 11th and Dawning. He’d panhandle, and Malcolm figured the man to be a professional at doing so. The man was short–maybe five feet from the ground–and had a thick beard very short and very black in colour. As for what was on the man’s head, Malcolm […]

Regardless: An Overview

Would have made sense if I’d have written this over a year ago before I started Regardless. But, I’m aware that as a human who is myself, I barely make sense, so this…makes sense, in a way? Regardless, is a story. And unlike good stories, this story isn’t thought out as thoroughly as many others, and […]


In life we are presented with moments; many, many moments. Good moments, bad moments, moments of fear, anxiety, hate, love, embarrassment, lust, confusion, anxiety. One can argue that by seizing any moment there are nearly an infinite amount of possibilities which can follow said moment. But in my opinion, there are two. With each moment, […]