TEKW Episode One, Season One

Tarnstead was a quaint little town in Escala. Escala was a vast country of rolling hills remaining near-entirely treeless and naked for the most part. Today, the sixty-third of Aleil in the year of 1410 of the fourth age—two brothers and a wagon full of fish (not-so)fresh from The Breaking River creakily made their way... Continue Reading →

The First Five (Out of Twenty Books by Christmas)

I'll admit that I'm already reading two of these books these days. I am only 120-ish pages into "It",  and am halfway through "The Slow Regard of Silent Things". Name of The Wind (Patrick Rothfuss) The Wise Man's Fear (Patrick Rothfuss) Slow Regard of Silent Things (Patrick Rothfuss) It (Stephen King) American Gods (Neil Gaiman)... Continue Reading →

Twenty Books by Christmas Challenge

I'm a ridiculously avid reader. I love reading. I don't mind writing. Jokes. I love writing just as much if anything even more-so than reading. Last year whilst in the middle of an insane personal development kick, I polished off sixty yes sixty personal and professional development books. What ones? Let us save that rant for another post.... Continue Reading →

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