Regardless (Ep. 102)

A handful of adults ranging through early adulthood and up through their mid-twenties and into the shallows of their thirties stood hovered atop a coffee pot. The coffee pot, see, was not cooperating. Malcolm said, “I can run to 7/11.” And then Malcolm received five certain “Nos”, his focus then returning to the recently produced […]

Regardless (Ep. 101)

The truth was…well, nobody really knew, but everybody had their fair share of assumptions. This, as Malcolm told me, was why the world was as crazy as it was.


Disclaimer: I wrote this post soon after I made this blog which has hardly been touched because I have no clue what to blog about–I’m getting there, though. If you read what follows, note that I wrote this at a gloomy time in my life, fresh out of a dark place. Only reason it’s still […]