Regardless #8

The morning: both the best and worst time of the day. On the positive side, coffee, a good meal, silence, but on the negative side: the beginning of another day, certainly abundant with the same things that came with the day before that and many before even that. A chill jolted up Mal’s legs through […]

Regardless #6

There was always a man on the corner of 11th and Dawning. He’d panhandle, and Malcolm figured the man to be a professional at doing so. The man was short–maybe five feet from the ground–and had a thick beard very short and very black in colour. As for what was on the man’s head, Malcolm […]


In life we are presented with moments; many, many moments. Good moments, bad moments, moments of fear, anxiety, hate, love, embarrassment, lust, confusion, anxiety. One can argue that by seizing any moment there are nearly an infinite amount of possibilities which can follow said moment. But in my opinion, there are two. With each moment, […]